Ethiopia: Concerted Efforts to Stop Illegal Medicine Trade Vital, Authority

The Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority said that concerted efforts from all stakeholders, including the public is vital in the effort to halt the illegal tradings of medicine.

In a conference the Authority held with its stakeholders, Heran Gerba, Deputy Director General of the Authority told the press that the public must be alert in identifying illegal medicine trading and notify the Authority via its free call line 8482.

According to Heran, the Authority shares the globally acknowledged achievements registered in the health sector. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of medicines among others are the prime tasks the Authority is undertaking in collaboration with stakeholders, she said. Abenet Denberu, Cargo Pharma Eth. Pvt.Ltd.Co, Managing Director, for his part said before putting medicines in the market, the import and supply of medicines need to go through various processes such as physical inspection to detailed documents about the specific medicine and the like. Going through these steps is the mandate of the Authority to make sure that safe and efficient medicines are imported and supplied to the country and are available to users.

Marketing authorization, facilitated application process for importers and the like are among the challenges the Authority faces in its unstinted efforts. When the legal procedure is easily accessible, there will be no room for those who involve in illegal medicine trading, he added. He added the medicines available in the market are in commensurate with the buying capacity of users.

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