The Programme Director of Healthwise TV Series, Mrs. Temitope Adesegun has urged Nigerians to engage in more physical exercise. Adesegun, who spoke at a seminar organised for less privileged children in Lagos, called advocated the adoption of a Physical Activity Day in Nigeria, a move, she said, would reduce the number of people dying of obesity and its complications in the country. According to her, to reduce the burden of NCDs like heart disease, stroke, and cancer, individuals and their families must adopt exercise as a daily routine.

Adesegun said, “Most Nigerians view exercise or walking as an inconvenience. People sit down and relax, thinking it is a luxury, whereas it is not and that is why we call for a Physical Activity Day to create awareness on the need to stay healthy. “Physical activity is what keeps us fit and healthy. It is what keeps us alive and away from sicknesses and diseases.”

Adesegun also charged parents, especially mothers, to spend more time with their kids, especially the female; this, she added, would boost their mental and social well being. She noted, “When a girl cannot talk to her parents or confide in her mother, she will look for somebody else who would listen and this can expose her to abuse. “Teenagers believe they are grown ups and need to interact and associate with the opposite sex; but they need to be taught how to protect themselves and abstain from sex. But the question is, how many parents are available to discuss intimacies with their children?”

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