The Executive Director of Ibukun Oluwa Hospital, Osogbo, Dr Oso Taiwo, on Monday called for proper funding of Nigeria’s indigenous health sector as an alternative to foreign medicare, and only well-funded and standardized health sector can make the society better for the purpose of improving the well-being of the people and happy at all time, According to him, “If the healthcare system is being developed and adequately funded, there will be no need for Nigerians to go abroad to treat simple headache. “The case of former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, is a practical example for the rest of African countries, most especially the ruling class to have a re-think and do the right thing, adding that “It has been established that those who go abroad for treatment are those who have easy access to national resources, which is seriously killing the economy,’’ stressing the need to commit more resources to the sector and make it a priority in the consideration of governmental policies. Taiwo also called on the practitioners in the health sector to stand up to their professional ethics in order to fulfil their obligation of service to humanity without blemish, and  urged them to be rooted in the modern trend of the profession in order to face the challenges of the moment in the face of global warming, which is seriously threatening the human race. The physician implored the government to pay more attention to the sector and adequately make funds available, and that practitioners without facilities are like army generals without weapons

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