Expert Urges Federal Government of Nigeria to Make Treatment for Mental Illness Free
When the House of Representative Committee on health visited the hospital, The Chief Medical Director of Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital in Kaduna, Dr. Taiwo Lateef Sheikh has called on the Federal Government to make the treatment of mental illness free, and saying it would lessen the burden on the families of patients. According to him, developed countries offer mental health treatment free of charge to citizens, noting that 99% of patients that come for treatment cannot afford it, adding that” If  the treatment is made free, it will reduce the hardship of the families of the patients.

Patients have been buying food at the cost N550.00 per meal, they pay for bed to sleep on and even their laundries and that is why some of them have been abandoned by their families because of the huge money owed by them, and at the end day, the hospital is left to pay all their money and even take them back to their families when they are rehabilitated,” he lamented. Speaking shortly after a general assessment tour to national hospitals in Kaduna including: Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, National Eye Centre and the National Ear Care Centre, the Chairman, House Committee on Health, Alhaji Umar Mohammad Jega said there was need for the Federal Government to provide more equipment at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, the hospital and also promised that the problems of the National Ear Care Centre including getting the enabling act establishing it would be addressed.

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