Experts advocate integration of Hepatitis B, C intervention into HIV programme

 At a 3-day workshop organized by the International AIDS Society (IAS) in collabora­tion with West Africa Infec­tious Disease Control Insti­tute (WAIDI) and National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), Stakeholders and advocates who gave the advice in Abuja,

said that The Federal Government has been advised to in­tegrate Hepatitis B and C intervention into the HIV programme, and insisted that the integration of Hepatitis B and C interven­tion is the only way forward in the management of HIV-Hepatitis co-infections in Ni­geria. This, according to them, will enhance and fast-track the fight against the disease in the Nigeria. The stakeholders, howev­er, recommended the inclu­sion of vaccination for new born babies of the people liv­ing with HIV/AIDS, univer­sal Hepatitis screening (HBC and HCV) for all HIV positive patients, provision of Hepati­tis B and C treatment pro­grammes for general popula­tion and HIV patients. Other recommendations include the integration of Hepatitis into already exist­ing HIV, TB, Malaria pro­grammes and other pro­grammes; spread funding as well as integration of Hepati­tis testing in National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) such as antenatal care, HIV care, school health, youth and adolescent health.

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