During an open day programme organized by Choice Dental to celebrate its friends and patients in Lagos, Managing Dentist, Choice Dental, Dr. Sade Akiode, who raised the alarm that lack of awareness on the part of Nigerians,

remained the major cause of low dentist patronage in the country. She said that the lack of awareness syndrome was noticed four years ago when Choice Dental opened its dental clinic in Lagos, and that since then, she has been trying to raise the awareness level among Nigerians on the need to visit a dentist as least twice in a year.
Akiode has said that most Nigerians do not visit the dentist, and we need to educate them more on the importance of a dentist in their family lives. The level of education about dentistry in Nigeria is still low because most people do not go to a dentist and they often show some pride about it, which for me, is an act of ignorance. According to her, a lot of dental diseases are preventable if people visit their Dentists regularly, but frowned to a situation where dental ailments have claimed the lives of Nigerians because they allowed it to degenerate into unmanageable situation.”There is need for people to imbibe the culture of preventive dentistry, which is all about visiting the dentist regularly for routine checks and in the process, a lot of money is saved that could have been spent of dental diseases, adding that the mouth is the gateway to the body and that whatever affects the mouth, affects the entire body system.
She also said that a lot of systemic diseases like heart disease, cancer, erectable dysfunction, speech defects and several ailments in human beings, have been linked to teeth and gum diseases.

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