Family Planning Can Prevent 63% of Unsafe Abortions
During a meeting with faith-based organizations organized by the Pathfinder International in Makurdi, the Chairman of the Group Dr. Terrumun Swende, disclosed that The Benue State Family Planning Advocacy Working Group (BSFPAWG) has said that identified 63 percent unsafe abortions can be prevented with increase in family planning use,

and many unintended pregnancies in families could be averted if the use of family planning was increased in line with the national blueprint. He said more than 250,000 unintended pregnancies could also be prevented in the state if the state achieved its share of the national blueprint by 2018. He worried that 800 of over 100,000 live births in Benue result in maternal death, adding that by achieving its share of family planning blueprint, Benue would radically reverse this.

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