Abiodun Bakare, a university student was about to give up hope due to his desperate need of surgery to alleviate the ravages of sickle cell disease and previous medical care which has worsened his condition when he discovered the cost of his surgery would be N18 million (about $50,000) Bakare and his family had also done their research and realized that hospitals in India could provide him with the care he needed but the cost of the care and the journey was beyond his capability. Determined to solve his challenge locally, his search connected him with a hospital in Sokoto state where medical experts agreed to perform the operation for a nominal fee. Social media fundraising campaign was pulled together by Bakare’s friends, however, Bakare still had to overcome the problem of how to get to the hospital for the 18-hour overland journey which was out of question due to Bakare’s critical condition. However, through a friend that discovered Flying Doctors Nigeria, the company has agreed to fly Bakare to the hospital free of charge.

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