Four (4) Ways to Prevent Ringing or Buzzing (Tinnitus ) in Your Ears;

Ringing in the ear otherwise known as Tinnitus is actually noise in the ear heard by the person alone in most cases. It is fairly common, about one in ten persons could be affected.
Ringing in the ear is not a disease, it is a symptom of a problem which could be a disease. The noise could come from any part of the ear or even the brain. In many cases it is harmless but it is advisable to consult your doctor especially if it persist.
Some of the causes are preventable;

1. Avoid or Reduce Exposure to Loud Noise.
Beware of loud sound in your work place, ensure it does not exceed 85 decibels. If it must then wear ear protectors, maintain low levels of your TV, personal stereos, Walkman and even car stereos. The night club is another place of loud noise, avoid being close to the loud speakers. Wear ear plugs if you can.
When using noisy equipment such as drilling machines, lawnmowers, please wear headphones.
Professions most at risk include musicians, machinists, industrial workers, military and teachers especially in kindergartens. If you are in any of these professions please take note.

2. Avoid Introduction of Foreign Objects in to Your Ears.
Resist use of cotton bud as this may push wax further into the ears and could stimulate production of more. Also resist putting your finger into your ears for the same reasons. even unclean water can cause infection/damage in the ear and this can cause tinnitus. Turning your head to the each side drains the ears.

3. Avoid Prolonged Use of Antibiotics/Painkillers etc.
Prolonged use of heavy doses of some drugs such as antibiotics, painkillers (aspirins), anti-depressants and some used to control high blood pressure could cause or worsen ringing or buzzing in one or both ears. Also always inform your doctor whenever a prescription is to be written for you if you already have the condition so that he/she can avoid the drugs that can aggravate the condition.

4.Avoid Stress.
Try to avoid stress inducing thought and feelings. Organise your life with a daily do-list. Express your self if the need arises instead of bottling up. Compromise when necessary but also taking charge of your life. Taking holidays, listening to music, warm baths, reading interesting novels help to relax the mind and body.

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