Gains of humility

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Humility is a virtue possessed by few; I am not talking of religious humility which refers to acceptance of God as the creator. I am talking about relating with other mortals. Humility is meaningful if in-spite of accomplishments whether in business, bureaucracy, academia or corporate, you are still approachable and recognize the attributes of others. Humble people have a modest estimate or low estimate of their achievements and are open to ideas. They accept criticisms and accept faults genuinely. Humility knows no ego, the opposite of humility is pride or arrogance. Humility is different from low esteem, low self worth; it is also different from being from humble background. If you have humility, you are more likely to be happy than if you are arrogant/proud

The writer cannot describe himself but I would give anything to be humble if I am not.
Below are some physical and mental health benefits of humility derivable from being more at peace with yourself
1. Decreased stress
You are more at ease with yourself if you are humble, you will not criticisms personally or be egoistic. By doing this you will be able to decrease your stress level. The health effects of stress are legion, from increased blood pressure to cardiovascular diseases and increased risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Humility could reduce your risk for these.
2. Better leadership qualities
Humility enables you to listen to others with genuine attention no matter how lowly placed; you are more approachable. Interacting with all levels of people makes you know their concerns and be able to address them. This may have its draw back as what you say may be misconstrued by mischief makers; just be a listener, say little as officially. Being humble does not mean discussing your personal affairs with all, you still have your private life.
There is a pool of knowledge out there, you will be surprised about the amount of native intelligence the man on the street has.
3. Better work performance
Humility makes you a better team player, you will not blind to the abilities and achievements of your colleagues. With humility you can easily ask for assistance if the need arises, no one is a know-all.
4. Improved academic brilliance
Studies have shown that student who show humility do better in academic work, they easily ask questions in class and also seek help from their class mates who are better than them in particular subjects. To easily ask your mates for clarifications or explanation is humility; proud people will never ask and so will end up achieving less. Be humble enough to ask if you do not know
5. Less xenophobia
Proud people are more likely to exhibit traits of racism, those who are humble accept all races, they take everyone as being equal which is true because we all are subjected to the same daily physiological activities.
We can disagree with the ways of life of a people but we must respect them, prejudice breeds stress in the person who shows prejudice.
6. Strong relationships
Humility means you can easily accept your faults and apologise whenever the need arises; consequently humble people do better in relationships (marriages, friendships etc). The words “I am sorry” mean a lot in a love relationship but very people realize that.
7. Better self control
Humble people do not feel easily hurt because they do not have ego and as such are placed to exercise self-control.
8. Increased willingness to help
You must have humility to work with or for those in the lower cadres of society; you are more likely to help those in need if you have humility. To be like Mother Theresa, you must have humility.
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