Mrs Delese Darko (middle) CEO of FDA addressing the press, during a
press conference at A ccra .  she said that those Female who use skin
lightening pills and injectables are prone to diseases including
miscarriages, cancer, hair loss, renal failure, and exacerbated asthma
and lung complications, the Food and Drugs Authority has warned. The
FDA also warned pregnant women using those bleaching agents to lighten
the skin of the unborn were exposing the babies to a lot of harm.
According to her, preliminary investigations revealed that Glutathione
is one of such products currently abused by women in the country. Mrs
Darko said Glutathione is made up of three amino acids; cysteine,
glutamic acid and glycine and are natural products found in every cell
in the body and possesses antioxidant properties that plays a role in
the detoxification of drugs and xenobiotics. She said when used as a
dietary supplement of 250 -300mg daily, it strengthens the immune
system, fight inflammation and acid in cellular repair. The CEO
indicated that though the authority has registered some brands as food
supplements in minimal doses, it should not be marketed as a drug or
cosmetics adding that FDA intelligence and market surveillance has
revealed that the Glutathione in the market has dosages ranging 1,500
to 2000mg per tablet. She stated that these high strength Glutathione
illegally sold in the open market which include; Gluta Prime, Phyto
Collagen, King of Whitening, Gluta White Ivory capsules, and skin
enhancement formula have not been registered and urged the public not
to patronise it; anyone who does so does it at his or her own risk as
the quality and efficacy cannot be guaranteed.
Mrs Darko said while the side effect of Glutathione may be desirous
for those seeking to bleach, scientific information may not be
available on the safety or effect of long term use as skin bleaching
agent. She cautioned pregnant women and lactating mothers against the
use of such products since its current dosage may cause serious health
implications for them and their babies. The CEO said the FDA has
intensified monitoring of border posts and market surveillance across
the country selling and would deal severely with those offering them
for sale. Mrs Darko said though a number of arrests have been made,
culprits are not willing to name their suppliers since they bought
them from peddling suppliers. She commended the Ministry of Health for
banning the sale and importation of Tramadol and Codeine containing
cough syrups and urged the media to continue exposing the sale of
these drugs. The CEO said the FDA would continue collaborating with
the Pharmacy Council, the Police and NACOB to ensure that the use and
abuse of Tramadol and Codeine containing cough mixture is dealt with.

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