Group tasks FCT Minister on budget line for nutrition
In an exclusive interview with The AUTHORITY in Abuja, The FCT Coordinator of the Civil Society- Scaling up Nu¬trition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN), Mrs. Aji Robinson, said following the Worried by the fact that one in every eight children under five years in the Federal Capital Ter-ritory (FCT) is malnourished,

the Federal Capital Territory Ad¬ministration (FCTA) has been advised to increase funding for nutrition in the 2017 budget, and Findings indicate that 20.6% of children are stunted while 13.8% are wasted in the FCT, and she however, expressed con¬cern that over the years, little or virtually nothing was budgeted for nutrition programmes in the FCT. This is according to her, has made it impossible for pro¬grammes around nutrition to be executed.  While saying that many resi¬dents of the FCT are suffering from what she described as hid¬den hunger, Mrs Robinson called on the FCTA Administration to act fast by putting a budget line for nutrition, stressing, “we have a terrible situation in our hands which is unacceptable and we must ensure that our children are healthy in the FCT”.  According to her, “Over the years, you discover that almost nothing is budgeted for nutrition in the FCT. Even if it is budgeted for, it is being hidden under some component. “But right now we want to see a line item specifically indicating that it is meant for nutrition so that we can embark on specific and sensitive programmes for nutrition in the FCT. While responding to a ques¬tion on what specifically the budget line will be used for, Mrs Robinson said: “. Nutrition is not an expensive venture; it is the cost of treating malnutrition that is expensive, adding that “We want to have money to train health workers and the CSOs to go to the communities and train rural people on how to prepare nutritious foods.

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