Having different bedrooms by couples has advantages.

Having different bedrooms by couples has advantages.
Having different bedrooms by couples has advantages.
1. Better sleep
Sharing bedrooms can cause poor sleep or inadequate for one or both spouses due to snoring, leg movements, waking schedules and the room temperature.
Everyone should try to sleep for about seven to nine hours daily and at the same time; that is 10pm to 6am or 11pm to 7am. You can keep a dairy
Poor or lack of sleep reduces concentration, affects memory and general performance. Good sleep helps to build up or maintain your immunity against diseases, helps to maintain normal blood pressure and also body weight. It also affects sex life.
2. Desired space
Every human being needs some space to operate, some time alone to think, meditate, reflect and just relax without interference. To dress up or just go nude or even fart freely. These things are not possible in a shared room.
Couples must no choke each other, for those who need some breathing space sometime, separate rooming is ideal.
3. Less quarrels/arguments
Sharing bedrooms can indirectly be a source of frequent quarrels, more so if toilet facilities are also shared. This has to do with personal habits like placing of items in the room such as shoes, socks, clothes etc. Toilet habits can also lead to frequent quarrels if flushing and clean up (if necessary) are not properly done.
4. Can improve sex life
Having separate bedrooms aids adequate sleep and rest; this can improve the overall wellbeing of the individual; adequate sleep or poor sleep reduces the blood level of testosterone, the male sex hormone. This in-turn affects sexual desire and penile erection.
Research has shown that sleep of less than 5 hours a night reduces the blood testosterone level by about 10-15 percent. We are therefore advised to have about 8 hours of sleep every night to maintain an adequate testosterone level.
Conversely, adequate sleep and rest contribute in no small measure to adequate blood level of testosterone and hence sex drive/performance.
Besides, having separate rooms could heighten the need for each other when together.
5. Pressure to have sex is reduced
Sharing the same bedroom can increase the pressure for sex, in many cases from the men. This could also be a source of constant quarrels. Being in different bedrooms reduces the risk of forced and unwanted sex.
6. Can strengthen relationship
Having separate rooms can improve the quality of time spent together in the sitting or either of the bedrooms. Adequate sleep and rest affect our mood positively, improves our sex life and quality of life. Sharing bedrooms creates more room for unnecessary quarrels and arguments resulting from individual habits.

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