HCPAN tasks FG on health insurance

The Lagos State chapter of Health Care Providers Association of Nigeria (HCPAN) has called on government to play by the rule and get relevant stakeholders involved in the decision and programme roll-out of the National Health Insurance, NHIS in the state.

They have also among other demands urged the government to periodically review the capitation by NHIS, taking into consideration, inflation and unstable economy.

They made the calls at the Mid Year General Meeting of the chapter held at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry conference centre, Lagos State.

The Chairman, Dr. Tunji Akintade called on the government to be well advised and involve all stakeholders rather than operating with one segment of the sector and leaving others in the dark.

“The providers have been pained over the years while other stakeholders have been laughing to the bank, yet provide the services. Let us play by the rules.

We are ready as a stakeholder to roll out quality services to Nigerians with good mobilisation from government and waivers as enshrined in our submission.

We are also glad to hear that government has given some waivers to MNOs so as to increase our capitation, but they should also factor in prevailing inflation rate at all times.

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