Health 1st Foundation Provides Free Services in Botswana.

Health 1st Foundation on August 13 held a wellness event for elderly members of the society in Digawana to advance the organization’s vision of ‘equitable health care access for all’,  The  Motswana chief executive officer, Mr. Piet Le Grange, has commended the Health 1st Foundation for providing free quality community based health care and wellness programs to the vulnerable and elders through volunteering.

Mr. Le Grange said the Foundation’s vision was aligned to the national vision of caring and compassionate nation. He said the event comes at a time when the country was gearing up for independence celebrations which was earned by the elderly people, adding that “I have particularly been touched by the fact that the Foundation has a pool of medical professionals ranging from retired nurses to specialist who run their own practices and all these individuals freely commit and offer their expertise to the elderly and other disadvantaged members of the society”, he said.

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