The Health Benefits of Mangoes

Mango is an oval shaped fruit with a smooth skin which is green when un-ripe and golden yellow when ripe. There are varieties of it in Nigeria but the best appears to be the “sherry” mango though not likely to be best in terms of nutrition as it has less fibre.
Fresh mango season in Nigeria is from about March to May/June.
When ripe it is quite delicious, has yellowish fluid and a sweet taste. It can be eaten together with the skin, only the seed is left usually. It can also be taken as mango juice.
Mango is rich in vitamins (A and C), Minerals (potassium, Copper), Carbohydrate (mainly fibre, a little sugar).
To derive adequate health benefits listed below from Mangoes, all you need is a cup (250MLs) of mango juice a day.

1. Lower Risk of Cancer
Due to the fibre and the Vitamin A (Beta carotenoid), Mangoes can help reduce the risk of cancer. The fibre helps in case of cancer of the intestines (colon), while Vitamin A (Beta carotenoid) helps to fight skin cancer, cancer of the mouth and probably prostate cancer through its anti-oxidants activities.

2. Help to maintain Healthy Skin.
Vitamins A and C are essential for a healthy skin. Low levels of these Vitamins can make your skin dry and rough, injuries will not heal quickly and your hair can become dry and could fall off.
These two Vitamins are in abundance in mangoes. One or two mangoes a day or a glass of mango juice (250mls) will do for a smooth, fresh skin.

3. Protect Your Eyes, Prevent Night Blindness
Vitamin A is necessary for proper development of the eyes, prevents dryness of the eyes and also ensures night vision, it prevents night blindness.
In fact, low Vitamin A level in the body can destroy the eyes.

4. Reduce Constipation.
Fibre in the large intestine increases the bulk of faeces in the intestines which encourages regular defecations and discourages constipation. Constipation can lead to piles and other diseases.
Mango has a lot of fibres (the ropes you feel as you eat mango), they are good for us.

5. Help your Body fight diseases 
Vitamins A (increases our ability to fight diseases), It helps in the formation of certain things inside our bodies which help us to fight against infections. Mangoes have a lot of vitamin A.

6. Help to maintain Healthy teeth and gum.
Mangoes contain a lot of Vitamins C which helps us to maintain healthy teeth and gum. If Vitamin C is low in our body, our teeth can fall out easily and our gums can bleed easily. Even little bleeding can occur in our skin.

7. Protect the Heart and Blood Vessels
Fibre which is plentiful in mangoes helps to prevent the heart by reducing the level of cholesterol in our body. This cholesterol together with other fats if too high in our blood can affect our heart and blood vessels.

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