Minister of Health, Dr. Khaliru Alhassan has called on public health analysts in Nigeria to patronise local laboratories while carrying out their professional duties.

Speaking at the 20th Mandatory Training Workshop of the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria (IPAN) in Lagos, Alhassan said, “The promotion and implementation of the ‘local content’ agenda in all relevant sectors by the present administration provides opportunity for public analysts to manifest their ingenuity and wealth of experience for wealth creation and national building.”
“You are encouraged to brace up to this challenge with the focus to assure your competence to carry out the analysis of products and materials which in the past were contracted to laboratories in diaspora,” the minister said.
Also speaking, the institute’s president, Dr Dahiru Adamu said, “We realise the need for our members to raise the tempo of professionalism and being in tuned with industry standard. Thus, we deem it fit to organise this mandatory workshop for them. It will help them and the society at large.”

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