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1. Body, Health Myths Exposed
From drinking eight glasses of water every day, to eating food before going to bed helps in storing fat are some of the health guidelines that doctors suggest time and again, but experts bust such health and body myths that has been the part of our lifestyle since ages. Experts at Nature’s Best nutrition, an online bodybuilding supplement provider, reveals the reality behind the myths.


2. Ebola Vaccine Trial in September
The United States will launch an early-stage trial in September of an experimental vaccine against Ebola, the deadly viral disease that has killed 729 people in the largest outbreak in history. The National Institutes of Health has been developing an Ebola vaccine for several years that has had “encouraging results” in primates, says Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci said he’s working with the Food and Drug Administration to fast track the vaccine into a phase 1 clinical trial this fall. This type of trial is the earliest study in humans and aims to make sure that drugs are safe and show some efficacy.
Results from the study should be available by January, Fauci said. If the vaccine proves safe and effective, Fauci said he expects that it could be given to health workers in affected African countries sometime in 2015.


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3. Protein Can Prevent Brain Damage from Toxic Chemicals
Engineering a protein, research shows, may prevent brain damage in civilians and soldiers exposed to poisonous chemicals – particularly those in pesticides and chemical weapons.
A set of proteins called phosphotriesterases have the unique capability of detoxifying chemicals in a class known as organophosphates – found in everything from industrial pesticides to the sarin gas used in chemical warfare.
alchol kill
4. Alcohol kills 15 Australians every day
Alcohol causes 15 deaths and hospitalises 430 Australians every day with the numbers rapidly increasing over the past decade, a new study released Thursday said. VicHealth and Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) funded the study, and it found 5,554 deaths and 157,132 hospitalisations were caused by alcohol since 2010. The study said that the number of deaths has increased by 62 percent since the study was last undertaken a decade ago. FARE chief executive Michael Thorn said Australian governments can no longer ignore the urgent need for decisive and effective action to reduce the rising toll.

5. Ebola: NCAA Orders Airlines to Set Up Medical Teams to Screen Passengers
The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) said on Wednesday that it had ordered airlines operating flights into Ebola-infested countries to set up medical teams to properly screen their passengers. Mr Yakubu Dati, the Coordinating General Manager (aviation parastatal agencies), NCAA, made this known in Abuja. Dati said the measure was part of the aviation industry’s efforts to ensure that the virus did not spread to Nigeria. He said that NCAA did not ban any airline from flying the route of the affected countries.

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