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1. Irish potato helps in the management of type 2 diabetes 
Irish potato contains only 17percent carbohydrate and has only 77 Kcals of energy per 100grams; the lowest among the common sources of carbohydrate, consequently it can help in weight control.
Diabetics can eat Irish potato as a source of energy without being afraid blood sugar elevation.

2. Sweet potato and Irish potato are quite different
Sweet potato and Irish potato are only very distantly related, they are different. However,both have their origins in South America. The leaves of sweet potato are edible while those of Irish potato are toxic; the seeds of Irish potato are also toxic and are not for human consumption.
In terms of energy content, sweet potato has more energy per 100 grams but Irish potato has more water. Irish potato has less fibre but quite rich in Potassium and Vitamin C; on the other hand Sweet potato is very rich in Vitamin A and Beta-carotene and so very protective of the eyes.
3. Sweet potato protects your vision
Sweet potato contains a lot of carotenoid which is converted to Vitamin A in the liver and also very rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is necessary for proper development of the eyes, prevents dryness of the eyes and also ensures night vision, it prevents
night blindness.  In fact low Vitamin A level in the body can destroy the eyes. Vitamin is anti- macular degeneration and reduces the risk of premature cataract.
4. Be careful about what you eat at parties to avoid food poisoning.
Be careful of what you eat at parties especially vegetable and fruit salads. One can never be too sure of method of preparation. Also avoid sachet water and un-bottled water at parties.
Eat only hot food, politely decline cold foods. Do not use ice blocks offered at parties to cool your drinks, you cannot be sure of the source of the water used for the ice blocks.
5. Bad government is a major cause of stress
Bad government can also be a major cause of stress, bad government means lack of electric power, lack of potable water, bad road leading to heavy traffic and flooding, poor healthcare delivery system leading to heavy out-of-pocket spending on healthcare, poor housing and high cost of education. Bad government can also lead internal conflicts and its attendant fallouts.
6. Sugar contributes immensely to tooth decay.
Bacteria normally present in the mouth break down sugars to form acids which eat up the “white” of the teeth and gums causing cavities. The bacteria also work on the sugar in the mouth to form thick substances (plaques) that stick to the teeth. These plaques in turn aid the activities of the bacteria to create more cavities.
Some of these bacteria can find their way into the blood stream and cause infections in the heart and the blood vessels.
Avoid carbohydrates such as candy, pretzels and chips, which can remain on the tooth surface. If sticky foods are eaten, brush your teeth soon afterwards.
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