1. Bad Lifestyle Can Kill Male Sex drive  
Lifestyle is the mode of living comprising taste, attitude, moral standard, habits and standard of living. This includes cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse and/ or heavy smoking can depress libido by decreasing the production of testosterone by the testes.
With determination you can quit alcohol and smoking.

Some forms of strength building exercises like weight lifting are known to increase testosterone levels in the blood.
Diets high in sugar can also affect sex drive; sugar is said to negatively affect testosterone level in the blood. Watch what you eat.
2. HIV infection may or may not lead to AIDS
Not all HIV infections progress to AIDS. The amount of virus has be heavy in the body (Viral load) and the number of self-defense cells (CD4 or T-cells) very low for the infection to progress to AIDS.
The viral load can be reduced and put in check by anti-retroviral drugs.
3. Coconut is Useful in Medical emergencies
Coconut water is like blood without the red cells; it is sterile and can be used and has been used to replace blood through transfusion during war when medical personnel run short of everything. It was used during the Second World War and during the Nigeria civil war by doctors to treat blood loss. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes (potassium, sodium, calcium), one of the few natural fruits with them.
4. Maternal Death is more common in teenagers
Studies have shown that girls aged 15-19 years are twice as likely to die from childbirth as are women in their twenties.
Also, girls aged less than 15 years are five (5) times more likely to die from child birth than women in their twenties.
This may be due to the following reasons: teenage girls are not physically and psychologically ready for pregnancy, poor knowledge on ante–natal or lack of knowledge, poverty, neglect by family and society, poor access to healthcare system.
5. Infection of the brain is a possible complication of Ear Discharge.
Possible complications of ear discharge include infection of the brain, infection of some bones in the head, deafness and poor development of speech/language.
The infection of the brain or some bones of the head could cause death and paralysis of the face respectively.
6. Exposure to Heat Can Cause Fever: 
Heat exhaustion and Heat stroke are associated with fever. Heat Exhaustion follows
prolonged physical activity in a hot environment with inadequate water or
salt intake. Body temperature could rise up to 37.8 deg. C.
Heat stroke is far more severe than heat exhaustion. It could result from
prolonged physical exertion in a hot or humid environment without water or
salt intake. The body temperature could go as high as 40 deg. C. and there
is loss of consciousness. Heat stroke has a high mortality rate.
7. Most cancers are to a large extent preventable.
About 30 percent of all cancers can be prevented by change in lifestyle, diet, exposure and immunization. This is called Primary prevention. Another 30 percent can be prevented by early detection and effective treatment, this is secondary prevention. We now go further to discuss the details of some secondary prevention methods.

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