1.  Ensure your child is fully vaccinated against Polio. 

The best way to protect your child against polio is by vaccination. Vaccination has removed polio from developed countries, the last case of polio is the United State was reported in 1979. Ensure that your child receives three (3) doses of Polio vaccine in the first year of life beginning from 8 weeks. Another dose is given before the child enters school. Adults who have never been exposed to the infection are also advised to get vaccinated. The vaccine is quite safe and could be by mouth or by injection. Travellers to India from Nigeria are now to get vaccinated against polio six before departure.

2. Cucumber fights cancers
Cucumber are known to contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These three lignans have a strong history of research in connection with reduced risk of several cancer types, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer.
3. Bananas help to reduce Stress
People suffering from depression, feel much better after eating a banana. Bananas contain Tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin which helps the body to relax, improve mood and generally make happier. Studies show that bananas are also helpful in reducing stress levels.
and acts as a mild sedative. The only way the body gets its dose of tryptophan is through diet. It does not produce it.
4. Bananas are helpful in diarrhoea
In uncomfortable conditions like diarrhoea, electrolytes are drained out of the body, causing weakness. These electrolytes can be restocked with the help of potassium levels present in bananas.
5. Stress can cause sexual problems
Stress can cause sexual problems in both males and females. The sexual problems include loss of desire (male and female), poor erection and premature discharge (male), lack of arousal (female), failure to achieve orgasm (male and Female). If untreated, poor erection can lead to impotence.
6. Avoid Prolonged Use of Antibiotics/Painkillers etc.
Prolonged use of heavy doses of some drugs such as  antibiotics, painkillers(aspirins), anti-depressants and some used to control high blood pressure could cause or worsen ringing or buzzing in one or both ears. Also always inform your doctor whenever a prescription is to be written for you if you already have the condition so that he/she can avoid the drugs that can aggravate the condition.

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