Health advice

1. Obeying Accident Prevention Regulations helps prevent epilepsy
Scars resulting brain injuries due to falls and road traffic accident could be prevented by obeying simple traffic regulations such as the use of seat belts and helmets. All cases of domestic accidents involving injuries to the head must be reported immediately to the doctor who may request for a CT scan to rule any injury to the brain; this could help to prevent epilepsy in the future.

2. Guava promotes the health of the heart
Guava contains plenty of soluble fibre, more than most other fruits such as oranges and watermelon. High intake of soluble fibre reduces absorption of cholesterol and bile acid (which are also rich in cholesterol) from the small intestines, thereby reducing blood cholesterol level.
When soluble fibres are broken down by bacteria in the intestines, some fatty acids released are said to reduce the production of cholesterol by the liver. By lowering blood cholesterol, fibres help to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Guava also contains plenty of potassium (more than most other tropical fruits) which helps to prevent irregular heart beat and to reduce risk of stroke.

3. You can prevent asthmatic attack by avoiding identified allergens
In the diagnosis and treatment of asthma, certain triggers of asthmatic attack may be identified in the person concerned. That is a big plus, frequency of attacks can be reduced to a minimum by avoiding the identified allergens.
Food fumes and some food preservatives are known triggers of asthmatic attack; asthmatics should avoid the kitchen especially when food is being fried.

4. You can prevent welding problems by using of gloves/ respirators/ face mask/goggles
The use of hand gloves by welders will certainly prevent hand injuries such as cuts and burns, there are special gloves for welders. The gloves should be used in conjunction with welding trousers and jackets; most of them are made from animal skin.

Apart from fumes and vapors, welding also produces particulates; welders are therefore advised to use respirators to prevent inhalation of particulates, fumes and vapors. There are different types in the market, chose the appropriate one for the contaminants of your welding.

Welding involves production of harmful welding fumes depending on the base materials being welded, the coatings of the base materials and the welding wires/rods used. Welders can easily breathe the fumes and vapors leading to respiratory diseases, neurological and possibly kidney problems. The amount of vapor and fumes taken in can be drastically reduced by the use of face masks. There are so many types of facemasks in the market, some disposable, others re-usable.

Welding produces glaring light, ultraviolet light, which can damage the cornea; this can be prevented by the use of welding goggles. There are several types of welding goggles in the market, ensure you get a suitable one.

5. Exercising without bra can cause breast sagging
Exercising without wearing appropriate bra can promote sagging; repeated ‘flapping’ or bouncing during exercise is not good for the breasts as it affects the skin elasticity. It is advisable to always wear the appropriate bra when engaged in any form of exercise from running, biking, workout or any other sport.

6. Fertile women advised to be on the pill or avoid alcohol
The United states of America’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised fertile women to either be on the pill or avoid alcohol completely; this is because of the effects of alcohol on the foetus—the fetal alcohol syndrome.

According to the CDC, most pregnancies come unexpectedly and so women are wont to take alcohol in early pregnancy without knowing they are already pregnant.

The effect on the pregnancy could be disastrous.

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