Health Advice
Health Advice
1. Separate bedrooms can improve sex life
Having separate bedrooms aids adequate sleep and rest; this can improve the overall wellbeing of the individual; adequate sleep or poor sleep reduces the blood level of testosterone, the male sex hormone. This in-turn affects sexual desire and penile erection.
Research has shown that sleep of less than 5 hours a night reduces the blood testosterone level by about 10-15 percent. We are therefore advised to have about 8 hours of sleep every night to maintain an adequate testosterone level.
Conversely, adequate sleep and rest contribute in no small measure to adequate blood level of testosterone and hence sex drive/performance.
Besides, having separate rooms could heighten the need for each other when together.
2. Noise can cause deafness
Very loud sudden noise can destroy the ear drum and the inner ear; this can lead to temporary or permanent deafness. Such noise is usually above 120 dB.

3. Mango helps to maintain Healthy teeth and gum
Mangoes contain a lot of Vitamins C which helps us to maintain healthy teeth and gum. If Vitamin C is low in our body, our teeth can fall out easily and our gums can bleed easily. Even little bleeding can occur in our skin.
4. Autism is treatable but not curable
Once the diagnosis of Autism is confirmed, treatment combines speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and applied behavioral analysis (i.e., ABA) in special institutions. Effective treatment has tremendous gains for the child and the family. Most children with mild cases go on to lead near normal lives. Awareness about autism and available treatment options have improved tremendously over the past few decades.
5. Eat before taking alcohol
Eat before you start drinking alcohol. A full stomach reduces the absorption rate of alcohol and also the total amount of alcohol consumption. If the rate of absorption is slowed down, the intoxication is reduced, if the stomach is full, very little will be consumed.
6. The elderly can suffer psychological abuse.
This sort of abuse is usually by family members and close neigbours. It could be by use of abusive words, taunting, disrespect, making jest of the person, dismissal of whatever the old person says and lack of consultation before taking decisions concerning the elderly person. We all may have been guilty of this occasionally when we were younger but with hindsight, things could have been done better.
The elderly person whether educated or not is a reservoir of wisdom and we can benefit from their wise counsel.
We must respect the elderly, seek their opinion on issues which concern them, love them genuinely and talk to them regularly if we are not living together..

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