1. Sharing bath towel can help spread some diseases
Sharing of towel bath is common in homes among siblings and also among spouses especially during travels. After each use a bath towel is wet and provides a good medium for bacterial, it is usually left in a warm bathroom and has some dead skin tissue which provide nutrient for the bacteria. The bacteria can easily be transferred to the next user.
Because bath towels are used to clean different parts of the body, they easily pick up bacteria from the skin, the back side, groins, vagina opening, armpits, between the toes etc.
Consequently sharing of bath towels facilitates the spread of several communicable diseases; some of these are discussed below:
2. Tryptophan is a stress fighting nutrient.
This is an amino acid, the end product of protein when it is broken down in the body. It helps in the formation of another chemical in the body called serotonin which helps you to sleep well at night and also calms you.
You will get it from red meat, turkey, milk, chicken.
3. Accountants have high risk for anxiety/depression
Accountants are prone to chronic stress. Chronic stress is associated with anxiety (due to serial deadlines) and depression; chronic stress resulting from long hours at work with little reward has been shown by studies to increase the risk of depression.
4. Eat carrots/ leafy greens/fruits/fish regularly to improve your vision
Eating carrots to improve our vision is said to be an old wives’ tale.  But don’t discount the power of other fruits and veggies. Dark leafy greens like spinach, ugu, bitter leaf are rich in lutein, a type of carotenoid that protects against macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in people over 60.
Foods rich in omega-3s, like walnuts and oily fish, have been found to reduce inflammation in the blood vessels of the eye.
5. Protect your eyes from direct sunlight with sunglasses
A lifetime of UV light exposure can contribute to cataracts and macular degeneration, so always wear sunglasses with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection when in the sun. And since, by the time you hit age 18, you’ve already received 80 percent of the UV light that you’ll be exposed to in a lifetime, it’s crucial to protect your children’s eyes as well.
6. Chronic stress can cause heartburn and worsen stomach ulcer
Chronic Stress is associated with sympathetic reaction by the body resulting in increased production of acid in the stomach. While stress may not cause stomach ulcer, it certainly makes it worse.
Stress is also associated with heart burn in which you feel some burning sensation in the lower part of the chest centrally due to flow of the acid from the stomach to the oesophagus following increased production of the acid.
Try to manage your stress.

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