1.Avocado pear is rich in nutrients.
This green skin pear shaped tropical berry fruits has several health benefits due to its constituents – protein, low sugar, vitamins and minerals- potassium, vitamins K,B,C and E, and fibre – a medium size of avocado pear contains about 11grams of fibre – about 50% of daily requirement. It also contains folic acid, omega-3 and oleic acid.

blood cholestrols2. Avocado Pear may lower Blood Cholesterol
Studies reveal that avocado lowers cholesterol level, the pear contains monounsaturated fat which is said to lower Low Density Lipid (LDL) cholesterol in the blood, this is the bad cholesterol while it raises the level of High Density Lipid (HDL) cholesterol which is the good cholesterol. Bad Cholesterol is associated with narrowing of blood vessels
which can lead to stroke, heart disease.

3. Avocado Promotes Healthy Body Weight.

Avocado contains protein, fat but is low in sugar compared to other fruits. Consequently people who eat a lot of avocado are able to maintain appropriate body weight.

Oral Cancer 14. Avocado may help ward off cancer.
Avocado pear is said by scientist to contain photochemicals which may offer some advantages in cancer prevention- particularly prostate and breast cancers.

Heart Disease5.It Helps to Regulate Heart Beat.
The high potassium content of the avocado together with oleic acid and omega-3 are said to help to reduce blood pressure.

blood sugar
6. It Helps to reduce blood sugar.
The monounsaturated fat in avocado pear is said to prevent or reverse insulin resistance – one of the possible causes of mature diabetes (type 2 diabetes).

7. Avocado could ward off anaemia in Pregnancy.
Avocado contains folic acid which is usually given to women when pregnant. Together with iron, both are given throughout pregnancy to prevent anaemia. The foliate (folic acid) is required also by the baby to develop its brain and some other organs.

8.Avocado pear helps reduce 
A medium size of avocado pear contains about 11grams of fibre – about 50% of daily requirement. Fibre helps bowel movement thus preventing constipation.

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