Health workers: the unseen hands behind polio eradiction

According to a health worker, Mrs Adline Ekpunobi, “ polio has no place in the 21 century, but it is an unfortunate reality that we still fight today. If everybody should act as stake holder that we are, polio will be vanquished in record time because no child is safe as far as there is polio infection somewhere on earth

Achieving one year of no recorded case of polio in our battle to end the disease was not easy, not just with vaccines alone, but also through relentless and tireless million man hours work done by thousand of health workers, intervention of religious and traditional leaders, the voice of opinion leaders of rotary international and donor foundations in spite of decanting challenges, strategies and efforts were redouble to making sure Nigeria is put on the road to not only being certified polio free but remaining. polio free

If Nigeria Maintains this tempo of no polio case till 2017, she will attain a polio free rating by World health Organisation”.


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