Healthcare Advocates Early Diagnosis to Tackle Kidney Disease
During his presentation to the Guild of Medical Directors conference held at the Eye Foundation Hospital Ikeja recently, titled, ‘Laboratory Support for Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease ‘The Executive Director of the laboratory, Dr Tolulope Adewole, made the call  that PathCare Laboratories, Nigeria’s only ISO accredited pathology laboratory, has called on doctors to urgently send their patients, who show symptoms of kidney disease, to good laboratories for quality medical investigations in order to improve chances of good recovery, noted that, unlike most disease conditions, kidney diseases do not show symptoms in the early stages.
According to him, “the importance of early and accurate diagnosis cannot be over emphasized in any branch of medicine but renal diseases have a major need for this because symptoms do not show early in kidney diseases, thus making a case for urgent and accurate diagnosis to detect the presence of a kidney disease condition and to commence adequate treatment immediately.”
Adewole informed the participants that the laboratory plays an important role in the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic kidney diseases, as pathology has developed various tests that could detect abnormalities that point to renal diseases using blood, urine and imaging studies. He said that some of these diagnoses are very intricate and require quality laboratories and specialist attention to achieve accurate and reliable results. 

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