Healthy lifestyle can give you long life–Experts.

Studio Shot of a Large Mixed Age, Multiethnic Group of Smiling Men and Women
A group of medical experts in the United States of America believes that Healthy lifestyle can give you long life. They gave examples of certain places in the world nicknamed

blue zones where people live beyond the longest life expectancy; they live up to 100 years and above. The places are Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa in Japan and Nicoya in Costa Rica; the last is third world country. According to the experts people in these blue zones live long not because of location but because of healthy lifestyles.
In other words you can live up to 100 years where ever you are domiciled if you maintain a healthy life.
In their eyes healthy living means eating healthy, regular exercise and taking charge of your health; the last means being involved in your health matters, understanding your body and following your management with your healthcare provider by continuous interactions and discussions.   
Healthy living includes being physically active, walk if where you are going is near, climb the stairs if where you are going is only two flights up. BE ACTIVE.

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