Heart attack now more common among the young.

The Indian Cardiology Faculty has noticed a frightening trend in the incidence of heart attacks; young people are becoming increasingly affected. It has noticed that about 10 to 20 percent of persons affected now are below 45 years.

Heart attack is usually due to two possible conditions: atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing) of the coronary artery and blockage of the coronary artery by clot (atherothrombosis).


The former is commoner in middle and old age while the latter is commoner in the young and formation can start in the second decade of life that is before the age of 20 years.


It is now known that sugars and other carbohydrates are as bad as fat in the cause of heart attack, therefore the creation of awareness on the condition must start in the teenage and youth years. The habit of good diet with low fat and curtailed carbohydrate must start early, so is exercise and the awareness on the dangers of smoking.


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