High chemicals in cosmetics can cause infertility, says IVF experts

Doctors on Wednesday said that cosmetics such as nail polish, antibacterial soaps, anti-ageing creams contains high chemical contents that causes severe negative effects on female fertility besides having several other side-effects. According to experts, mounting research on the subject has raised certain concerns regarding the potential side-effects of these cosmetic products. Chemicals in beauty products have complicated effects on women’s hormones and reproductive systems. Sagarika Aggarwal, IVF expert associated with city-based Indira IVF, told IANS, “Several endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been identified to affect abnormal ovarian function, miscarriages and female infertility. Antibacterial soap can also kill your chances of conceiving.” Stating that antibacterial soaps contain chemical triclosan which is linked to endocrine disruption that messes up with the hormones, Aggarwal said the chemical interferes with the reproductive system. Aggarwal said, “Parabens are a type of preservative (present in soaps, shampoos and conditioners) used to prevent the growth of bacteria. But too much of it can have an impact on fertility. When hormones are out of balance, the chances of creating healthy eggs or healthy sperm is reduced”. A survey by the business chamber Assocham in 2013 had revealed that 75 per cent of Indian youngsters in the 16-21 age group spend over Rs 6,000 per month on cosmetics. The experts have said that ingredients in nail polish contain a cocktail of chemicals known to cause birth defects and harm fertility, especially a concern with formaldehyde, phthalates like DPT (dibutyl phthalate), toulene and a range of other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).Manjula B.C., a Bengaluru-based IVF expert said, “Phthalates are connected to both male and female infertility,” said

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