HIV positive people discriminated against in the U.S.

Nothing is impossible; otherwise who could have thought that a country like the U.S., which preaches against stigmatisation of HIV persons and enforcement of human rights could criminalise HIV infection.


About two thirds of the 50 states in the country have laws which criminalise the infection and those who are positive could under certain circumstances go to jail.


For example in the state of Nebraska, it is a crime for an HIV positive person to sneeze in the direction of a law enforcement officer; he will be charged with ‘Assault with a body fluid’, it attracts prison sentence.


In New York, in 2006, a judge accused an HIV positive John Blunkett of “wielding dangerous weapon”, his own saliva.


In Texas, an HIV positive man is serving a 35 year prison sentence for spitting at a police officer.

Even states that have no anti-HIVstatuites do discriminate against HIV positive persons.

Meanwhile the US government has in place a law that protects persons with disability including HIV positive individuals.  


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