HIV-Positive Woman Attempts To Rob With Her Blood

An HIV-positive woman from US city of Dallas gave shoppers at Walmart a scare when she attempted to rob the popular store with her blood. Police say 25-year-old Diamond Lawrence tried to run off with $11 worth of frozen TV dinners and when caught red-handed, the situation got incredulous to say the least. “I can infect whomever I please,” she allegedly told the employee who followed her outside before striking him on the neck in attempts to draw blood to pass on her incurable virus.

During the attack, she repeatedly told the worker “You’re welcome,” sarcastically outlining her dark deed. Lawrence was also wearing a medical wristband that identified her as being HIV-positive, so this incident was no bluff. Dallas-Fire Rescue medics on the scene told NBC Dallas-Fort Worth that no bodily fluids between the employee and Lawrence were exchanged, however.  In an ironic chain of events, Walmart doesn’t press charges when it comes to petty theft.

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