How to boost your Libido

Libido naturally
How to increase your libido
 Sex Drive or Libido is defined as desire for sexual activity or urge for sex; one may or may not act on this urge. It is different from Erectile Dysfunction in which a man has the urge but is unable to have a sustained strong penile erection to perform the act.
The urge to have sex may be spontaneous, may be due to reflection on memorable sexual moments or visual stimuli.
The urge to have sex is also different from arousal, the latter is demonstrated in man by penile erection while in women it is by vaginal lubrication and erect breast nipples.
Lack of libido or low libido affects man and woman, below are some of the ways you can boost your libido naturally.

1.Eat right
Eat nuts regularly; they are rich in testosterone-boosting zinc as well as the amino acid L-arginine, which helps improve blood flow to the sexual organs. These include pea nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, etc.
Eating Sugar is known to cut the levels of circulating testosterone in the blood significantly, so cut back on sweet treats and try using honey to sweeten foods instead of sugar.
Vitamin D boosts testosterone levels and is essential for maintaining semen quality and sperm count. Eating vitamin D-rich foods, like oily fish, eggs and fortified fat spreads and cereals can help boost your sex drive..
2. Exercise
Exercise combats a lack of libido by improving blood flow to the genitals, releasing ‘feel good’ endorphins and boosting energy levels-not to mention giving your self –esteem a boost.
If you want to increase your testosterone levels, try intense strength training. Increase the weight you lift, and swap long runs for sprints. Short, intense bursts of exercise are known to be more effective and preventing the decline of testosterone levels than sustained effort.
3. Monitor your medications
Some prescription drugs used to treat hypertension and depression can cause a drop in libido.
Depression often reduces your libido – and unfortunately antidepressants can have a serious impact on sexual desire too.
The contraceptive pill is responsible for removing sex drive in some women. Consider switching to a different brand or using another birth control method.
Speak to your doctor if you notice a reduction in your libido, he/she will prescribe alternatives.
Meanwhile some herbal drugs have been known to boost libido. A 1998 study at the University of California found that gingko biloba “enhanced desire, excitement, orgasm and after-glow” in 91% of women and 76% of men.
4. Get Enough Sleep
A study at the University of Chicago found that getting five hours of sleep each night reduced men’s testosterone levels by 10 to 15%. Get your eight hours of shut eye and you’ll have energy to do more than just sleep in bed.
5. Quit or Reduce Alcohol Intake
Alcohol can help you relax and increase the urge for sex; but too much of it causes a depression of urge,  Erectile Dysfunction and an inability to orgasm. According to some experts; it’s best to stick to just one glass of wine before a night of passion.
6. Quit Smoking
Smoking is known to narrow the blood vessels, affecting blood flow to the sexual organs. Researchers at the University of Kentucky found that men who smoke have sex as often as non-smokers. Therefore, smoking does not offer any sexual benefits and in fact no benefits to human in any way; it is much better to do without it.
7. De-stress
Stress is a big passion-killer and according to Harvard Health Publications, its effect on libido is most strongly felt by women. Try relaxing with yoga, tai chi or meditation.
8. Lose Weight
Carrying too much weight can cause narrowing of the arteries, reducing blood flow where you need it most. If you’re overweight, slimming down can significantly boost your testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society’s 2012 meeting.
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