How To Prevent and Deal With Alcohol Hangover

The tendency to consume is quite high during festive period;  alcohol could be consumed in high volumes during such a period. While alcohol may have some benefits when taken in moderation, excessive intake has immediate complications.

The health tips of today are meant to remind ourselves of how to prevent and deal with hangover of excessive alcohol intake especially during a festive period or celebration.

Hangover is characterized by splitting headache, weakness, muscle pains and raised blood pressure. It is due to the by-products of the breakdown of alcohol by the body.  


1. Moderation

Moderation is key in preventing hangover. Restrict yourself to a glass of red wine, or a glass or two of beer or a glass of spirit or a glass of champagne.

A glass of beer is equal to a CAN of beer

Each type of alcoholic drink is associated with a particular type of glass (cup). Find out the glass meant for what you want to drink and adhere.


2. Eat before taking alcohol

Eat before you start drinking alcohol. A full stomach reduces the absorption rate of alcohol. If the rate of absorption is slowed down, the intoxication is reduced.


3. Choose your alcoholic drinks

What you took determines the hangover. Alcoholic drinks contain different amount of alcohol. Beer contains about 5 percent alcohol, malt liquor-7 percent, red wine—6-13 percent, spirits—40 percent.

If you must take spirit, if that is your preference, then add some ice blocks to dilute the alcohol contained in the glass of spirit.   


4. Sip your alcohol

To reduce the rate of absorption of alcohol into your system, sip your alcoholic drinks while engaged in conversations with friends or associates at the party. Do not gulp your drinks.


5. Alternate your alcohol with water

Alternate your drinks with water; you can either have two glasses in your front, one for water and the other for your alcoholic drink OR alternate your glass of drink with a glass of water. This action will reduce your total amount of alcohol consumed during the party.


6. Drink plenty of water

Alcohol is a diuretic, that is, it makes one urinate frequently causing the body to lose water. It is this loss of water with potassium that causes the extreme weakness; therefore drink plenty of water. Add some oranges or tangerines to replace the Vitamin C lost by the consumption of alcohol and two bananas to replace the potassium lost due the frequent passage of urine.  


7. Sleep

Sleep is a great healer. A couple of hours sleep will reduce your hang over.


8.Use Pain killers

Pain killers can help with the splitting headache; these are over the counter medications, you do not need a prescription.


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