Nose bleeding demands immediate action geared towards its arrest. As stated before now, the causes of nose bleeding are multiple but a lot can be done at home.

Nosebleed is commonly from the front of the nose called the Little’s area; the area has a lot of blood vessels which help to normalize the air entering our body.  Occasionally it could be from the back of the nose but this is more common in the elderly.

Nose bleed could be very scary but it is rarely fatal, most of nose bleeds could be managed at home. Follow the steps described below and in most cases the bleeding will stop.

titted forward1.Put the person in a sitting position
Put the person in a sitting position with the head tilted slightly forward to prevent blood from running down the throat.

titted forward grad2.Tilt the head slightly forward
Bleeding, especially from the back of the nose can go into our stomach and that will cause vomiting or into our airway and that could affect our already compromised breathing.  Tilting the head slightly forward will prevent this.

airways3. Loosen any clothing around the neck
Any one bleeding from the nose is already frightened, uncomfortable and the airway is moderately blocked, loosening anything around his neck will help in no small way.

blowun4.The nose should blown
The nose should be blown to expel any blood clot. Ask the person to breathe through the mouth.

pinch nose5.Pinch the nostrils between the second finger and the thumb
The nostrils are then firmly pinched between the second finger and the thumb continuously for about ten minutes particularly near the tip of the nose.

ice berg6.If bleeding continues, an ice –bag should be applied
If bleeding continues, an ice –bag should be applied to the bridge of the nose. If bleeding still continues, medical attention should be urgent.

see doc7.See a doctor.
Very often, actions 1-6 will stop nose bleeding in children, and, except in case of injuries, you do not need to see a doctor. However, an adult must seek medical advice to exclude any diseases. 

Moreover, should the person become unconscious, put him in a semi-prone position with the face turned forward while awaiting medical attention.


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