In developed countries, heart disease is a leading cause of death among women, in the United Sataes ofAmerica, Heart disease accounts for 1 in 3 deaths among women; the heart disease being referred to is coronary heart disease OR ischaemic heart disease.
A recent study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology and conducted by a team at the University of Southern Denmark has shown the women with high blood pressure have a greater risk for ischaemic heart disease.

The team examined data on blood pressure and physical activities of about 12,000 nurses in a cohort study group. They were divided into three groups based on their job’s physical demand viz: Sedentary, Moderate (standing and walking) and high (standing, walking and other activities requiring physical exertion such as lifting. The women were followed up for 15 years.
The study team found that compared to those women with normal blood pressure and moderate activity, women with high blood pressure and high physical activity had three times more risk of developing ischaemic heart disease

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