Hypospadias; more common in men than earlier thought

Hypospadias is a congenital defect in the penis such that the urethral opening is not at tip of the penis but at the side or back of the glans penis or the shaft of the penis or at the root (backa) of the penis. Those affected may also have micropenis or curved penis and so experience some difficulties during sex and also when passing urine. However, they are able to father children


One Steve Baker of Essex in England, now 62, did not know that any other person in the world had it until about 3 years ago due to social media. In the US, about 5 boys in every 1000 are affected.

Studies carried out by the American National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention have incriminated some risk factors such as age and weight of mother, fertility treatment and hormone therapy just before and during  the pregnancy.


About 1500 hypospadias corrections are done annually in the United Kingdom by urologists.


Those with the condition should not hesitate to consult the urologist.


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