Imbibe Healthy Habits to Prevent Hypertension – Experts

Due to current rise of hypertension among adults in the country, Omron Healthcare has urged Nigerians to take their health in their hands as no doctor or pharmacist would be more responsible to a person’s health than oneself.

Andre Van Gils, President and CEO, Omron Healthcare Europe B.V, said that currently the prevailing rate of sudden deaths in the country is increasing, and based on available reports, this is largely due to poor awareness and personal health management.

The deputy health minister was speaking Monday, July 6 when he appeared on the state owned Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) to speak on the current state of affairs of the new Ebola insurgence.

According to him, coupled with the material resources, the country now has enough trained nurses, who have learnt and known more about the virus.

“Unlike 2014, we now have great capacity to fight any new cases of Ebola. I mean capacity in term of PPE, ETUs and even helicopter that will pick up people from villages and towns where no car road leads. We also have trained nurses and so on,” stated the renowned Medical Doctor

He furthered that investigation is still ongoing to determine the actual cause for the recurrence of the virus that has led to the country losing its Ebola free status.

He warned the public to stay away from listening to gossip information that the victims got infected through the eating of dog.

Dr. Kateh disclosed that the only confirmed cases are responding to treatment, and that there have been no other confirmed cases.

“I want to call on the public to not panic, because everything will be under control soon. The virus has not spread to other places in the county; rather, it is only in a community called Nenowein Mamba Kaba District of Margibi County,” added the deputy health minister.

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