Inactivity can reduce the size of your brain–Study

Teenage brains
Teenage brains
Laziness or inactivity in middle age can shrink your brain by the time you get to old age, a new study says. This study only confirmed two other studies done some years back.
The study was done at the Boston University School of Medicine, Massachusetts and involved about 1,500 participants around 40 years of age.

They were all healthy without heart disease or dementia and had fitness test. Twenty years later they were all examined, their brains were measured by MRI and all underwent fitness test.
The researchers found that those who were more fit had larger brains than those who were less fit; the brains of the less fit aged faster.
Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the brain; it is also said to improve neuroplasticity of nerves and brain cells.
The study was published in Neurology Journal
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