Nearly 1,100 people in India have been victimized and killed due to swine flu in the country, says a report. The country is in a tight grip of the outbreak and with a toll of 488, Maharashtra remains the worst-affected. It is followed by Gujarat, where 343 people have succumbed to the flu. According to health ministry data, 22,186 cases of swine flu have been reported across India and experts say that it is due to the change in the virus’s stain. Uttar Pradesh is experiencing an even more dire H1N1 onslaught than 2009, according to state health department data. A total of 2,798 H1N1 cases have been reported in UP so far, against 871 in 2009. There have been 64 deaths, compared to 17 in 2009. Reportedly, Himachal Pradesh has witnessed 27 deaths, 31 fatalities have been reported from Punjab and there have been at least 23 deaths in Madhya Pradesh. Nearly 152 deaths in the past fortnight alone have triggered panic even as the government declared “seasonal flu” to be the cause.


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