Infertility: Exposure to heat, infections major cause of ailment – Experts

 A gynecologist with Federal Medical Centre, Abuja, and Dr Toochukwu Nwoye said on Wednesday that infertility among couples could be due to excessive exposure to heat or infections.

Nwoye told the press in Abuja, that undue exposure of testis to heat could lead to sperm count abnormalities or absence of sperm production in extreme cause. Other factors he mentioned included chromosomal abnormalities, abnormalities of the genital tract such as imperforated hymen and testicular feminisation syndrome, among others. According to an online dictionary, chromosome is a structure in all living cells that consists of a single molecule of DNA bonded to various proteins and that carries the genes determining heredity. He added that these factors could be either congenital or acquired, stressing that the congenital factor stems from abnormalities of sex inherent at birth and malfunctions of the male genital tract. Nwoye said these conditions could also occur in female leading to the problem of menstrual cycle such as ovulation. According to him, acquired condition of the ovaries and tubes inflammation could be due to previous sexually transmitted infection, pelvic inflaming disease or polycystic ovaring syndrome, among others. He, however, said that women with goitre or thyroid in the body were also at risk of infertility.

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