IRELAND – Nevin allowed leave jail for counseling classes

nEVINCONVICTED killer Catherine Nevin (pictured) has been allowed out of prison for the first time to attend classes in addiction counseling.

But the move does not mean that the 62-year-old murderer is expected to be free permanently any time soon.

Nevin has served 13 years of a life sentence imposed for the murder of her husband, Tom Nevin at their pub, Jack White‘s in Brittas, Co Wicklow. She is serving the sentence at the Dochas women’s centre of the Mountjoy complex on Dublin’s northside.

The average life sentence has increased in the past decade to 17 and a half years and this means that Nevin is likely to spend another few years in jail before her release is sanctioned by whoever is the Justice Minister at the time.

Her temporary release to attend the counseling courses is part of a pre-release programme.

It was approved by the Parole Board and subsequently sanctioned by current minister, Alan Shatter.

-Irish Independent

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