The Kaduna State government has directed Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers (DSNOs) in the 23 Local Government Areas in the state to be on the alert for effective surveillance of any case of cerebrospinal meningitis. A statement by the Commissioner for Health and Human Services, Dr. Paul Manya Dogo has also disclosed that Medical Directors of General Hospitals across the state had been directed to promptly treat and report any case of the disease. Over 300 people have been reported dead following recorded cases of the disease in about 15 states. According to the commissioner, the state Drugs Management Agency has been directed to procure ceftriaxone, the parenteral antibiotic of choice, and intravenous fluids to be pre-positioned in all public general hospitals. He has said that jingles were being aired on radio stations in the state to create awareness among members of the public on preventive steps against meningitis.  Dogo has disclosed further that the World Health Organization (WHO) has agreed to provide Kaduna with specimen containers, lumbar puncture sets, and rapid diagnostic test kits and to transport positive samples to the reference laboratory in Lagos. He has said that symptoms of the disease depends  on the age of the patient but generally, children above one year and adults will have severe headache, stiff neck, fever, nausea and vomiting, adding that in its severe form, there may be altered sensorium, seizures and coma. He has urged members of the public to go to the nearest hospital without delay, avoid self-medication whenever such symptoms manifest. He has further urged the people to ensure proper ventilation of their homes and proper respiratory sanitation as well as avoid overcrowding in poorly ventilated places, adding that proper respiratory sanitation, especially, proper disposal of respiratory secretions (cover mouth, nose when coughing and sneezing respectively) must be taken seriously while hand washing hands must be washed regularly.

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