Kaduna to start administering pneumonia vaccine this year

Health workers in Kaduna state will begin giving shots of pneumonia vaccine to children aged under five, according to the state primary health care agency.
The agency will also introduce injectable polio vaccines to replace the oral vaccine used previously, said Hamza Ikara, the agency’s health education officer.

In an interview with Daily Trust, he said the agency last year immunised over 3.2 million children against polio and six childhood killer diseases in nine rounds and two mop-up campaigns. “The mop-up exercises were conducted in 10 local government areas of the state as a preventive measure to control the cases of polio reported in Kano State. We were able to capture 90% of children targeted and this success could be attributed to the combined efforts of key stakeholders. This combined efforts had also made the state to eradicate polio for two years now,” he said

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