7. Kenya: 700,000 Women Die Annually in Isiolo While Giving Birth
Seven hundred women out of 100,000 die while giving birth in Isiolo County annually, an official has said. While flagging off a caravan for a road show to mobilize residents for Wednesday’s World Breast Feeding launch at the Isiolo Referral Hospital, county health executive Aisha Abdi said measures have been put in place to reverse the trend.

Ms Abdi said her department has strengthened referral systems in rural areas to allow mothers to give birth in health facilities.
Skilled deliveries in vast areas within the county are said to have increased following introduction of the ‘mama’s kit’ initiative where mothers are given incentives for them to give birth in hospitals. Ms Abdi also noted that community health assistants recently employed by the county government are working together with traditional birth attendants in villages to reduce infant mortality rate..

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