The Consumer Federation of Kenya has called for the removal of a food product allegedly containing excessive poisonous elements and the prosecution of suppliers stocking it. Cofek Secretary General Stephen Mutoro in a statement circulated to newsrooms said that Maggi noodles produced by Nestle were found to contain excess lead which he said is poisonous.

“Our attention is drawn to the revelation that packs of instant noodles examined by Uttar Pradesh Food Safety and Drug Administration in India has exceeded permissible levels of lead and contained monosodium glutamate unmentioned in the ingredients’ list,” Mutoro said. Mutoro further called on Kenya Bureau of Standards to issue a recall order for the noodles and sanction suppliers.

“Supermarkets and other retail chains must immediately remove the Nestle Maggi noodles from the shelves to save unsuspecting consumers. Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Revenue Authority and other relevant agencies must stop further entry of the condemned product and tack any recent consignment into the country,” Mutoro said.

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