A county in Kenya is now considered the most dangerous place to give birth in the world right now. Situated about 220 kilometres from the Kenyan border with Somalia, Mandera County has a referral hospital that is acutely short of staff and facilities partly because of insecurity. The blood bank has no blood, an essential for any delivery facility.


According to a CNN report, one woman who had a Caesarian section watched herself bleeding while holding her baby without any hope of transfusion.


It is said that 38 woman die out of every 1000 live births in this county from child birth which translates to about 3800 per 100,000 live births.


A female activist believes that difficult births experienced by women in Kenya is due to circumcision; a procedure that can lead to scaring and narrowing of the vagina and also inability of the vagina opening to expand.

The global average is 216 per 100,000 live births.


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