Lagos govt urged to commit 10% oil derivation to health insurance

Lagos govt urged to commit 10% oil derivation to health insurance
At the annual general meeting of Healthcare Providers’ Associa¬tion of Nigeria (HCPAN), Lagos Chapter, the Managing Director of the Institute for Healthcare Fi¬nance and Management Limit-ed, Dr. Richard Kalada, made this recommendation that As Lagos State official¬ly joins the league of oil producing states, the health insurance experts have advised the government to earmark 10 per cent of its 13 percent oil der¬ivation to fund health insurance coverage. The experts said that such decision would not only provide access to quality essential health¬care services, but will also guar¬antee financial risk protection, and access to safe, effective, qual¬ity and affordable essential med¬icines and vaccines for all, espe¬cially the less privilege,

saying that the 10 per cent allocation would go a long way in the actualization of Universal Healthcare Cov-erage (UHC), for the poor and vulnerable groups as well as close the subsidy gaps for those with partial ability to pay. Kalada also said that the Commu¬nity-Based Social Health Insur¬ance Scheme in the raw form has limited impact towards achieving UHC except they are coalesced into big pools and participation made mandatory, and “The LASG should provide safety net for the poor and vul¬nerable groups in making pre¬mium payments for them. To achieve UHC, predictable and sustainable flow of funds into the health system is very impor¬tant. In Lagos state there is need to have good pools that are large, diverse and require mandatory participation,” also calling for expansion of fiscal space for health and ear¬marking taxes for funding health. On his part, the Chairman La¬gos State Chapter of HCPAN, Dr. Ademola Aina, urged the Feder¬al Government to fulfill its pledge of allotting 15 per cent of its an¬nual budget to health. He also urged all the state gov¬ernments in the country to en¬gage the federal government to give 25 to 50 per cent of VAT to states, 50 per cent of which can be used to fund state health in¬surance schemes.

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