Lagos recorded 2,252 rape cases in two years

During a press briefing to inaugurate a booklet by a Non-Organization, project alert on Violence against Women and Children, the Mirabel Sexual Assault Referral Centre Manager, Juliet Olumuyiwa-Rufai has disclosed that no fewer than 2,252 rapes cases were reported at the Mirabel Sexual Assault Referral Centre in two years and seven months, saying that the centre recorded less than 20 convictions in all the cases.The booklet, ‘Sexual Violence in Nigeria: A silent epidemic,’ documents rape cases in Lagos.
Rufai has said that most of the cases involved real penetration of the victims, adding that rape had become an epidemic.
She has said that between July 2014 and February 2017, we have treated about 2,252 cases. They involved real penetration of the victims’ private parts. The youngest person was a four-month-old baby, and the oldest was a 70-year-old woman, who was a stroke patient and was raped by her landlord’s son.“The challenge, however, is that some victims face a lot of stigmatisation and they are not free to come out. Also, they don’t want to press charges because of pressures from their families, religious institutions and landlords and the factor reinforcing rape is impunity. If we have enough convictions, it will serve as a deterrent to others. We have not recorded up to 20 convictions since we started. Because of this, intending perpetrators are emboldened. Also, there is no support for the victims.”
The Executive Director of Project Alert, Mrs. Josephine Effah-Chukwuma, has called for a review of the criminal justice system.

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