Lagos State might experience Cholera Outbreak due to dirt environment

Nigeria: Cholera outbreak kills 11 people in Kano State
Nigeria: Cholera outbreak kills 11 people in Kano State

Cholera, a poverty-induced disease, has continued to ravagecommunities across the country. The disease which is preventable and treatable, has remained a major problem in Nigeria for years and the World Health Organization, WHO, says Nigeria has the highest burden of
cholera in Africa. Lagos State has witnessed series of cholera outbreaks in the past, but the persistence of dirty environment with heaps of refuse on the streets and the roads, the blocked drains, poor sanitation facilities, lack of potable water and generally poor hygiene habits of many residents, are strongly pointing to another looming cholera outbreak. Coupled with restricted access to potable water and reliable toilet facilities, millions of Lagosians are at risk of cholera attack. Ignorance about proper personal and environmental hygiene practices as well as lack of prompt diagnosis only contribute to the problem. The UNICEF Water Sanitation and Hygiene, WASH, specialist, Drissa Yeo, said that lack of safe water and poor sanitation are important risk factors.

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